The Winter Solstice IS HAPPENING TODAY!  June 21st at 7.30 pm

Are you ready to celebrate this magical time?

The Winter Solstice represents a change of the seasons and the start of winter. It gives us the opportunity to welcome sunlight into our lives by celebrating its re-emergence.

In many cultures throughout the world, a light or fire is lit on the darkest night of the year on the night of the winter solstice. It is a ritual performed to help re-ignite the sun.  

You may like to perform this ritual by an open fireplace or an outdoor fire if you are fortunate enough.

Otherwise, a simpler way is to use a candle and a jar or bowl of water.  This is my preferred method, as it’s the easiest.

Winter Solstice Candle Ritual

Write our hopes and dreams for the new cycle of the Sun on your slips of paper, then light them on fire with our candles and watch as the paper transforms to smoke…. carrying your intentions out to the universe.

You can also use this ceremony to release any old thoughts and feelings, patterns, or unwanted energy from the last 12 months. By naming these old patterns, you’re regaining control of your thoughts and feelings so you can turn them into a great force for personal growth and transformation.

Just write down whatever comes, light your intentions on fire… watch the light transform your written words into heat and light.  The Universe has noticed your energy and intention.

Then drop the strips of paper into the waiting jar or bowl of water when it gets unsafe to hold.

This is a magical day that can help us connect to our higher source and live aligned with our true nature. We are reminded that we are linked to mother nature and her cycles.

Wishing you a happy and blessed Winter Solstice!

Lots of Love Cassandra