The Full Moon in Sagittarius on Wed 26 May is a Total Lunar Eclipse, a Blood Moon.

It will be visible in Australia and from about 9.11 am for about 15 mins.

This is an especially intense full moon and it’s a Super Moon at that turning up the energy dial even further.

This full moon will appear larger and brighter in the sky than the usual Full Moon as it is coinciding with the Moon’s closest point to the Earth in her monthly orbit, making the Full Moon appear much bigger in the night sky.

 Lunar Eclipses shine a light on all that no longer needs to be present with us and thus aiding our evolution both individually and collectively.  

The potency of this Full Moon requires us to shed out-dated beliefs and ideas.   This shedding can leave us feeling vulnerable, afraid, or uncertain of what is to come.  But this Lunar Eclipse holds the promise of a brighter season coming. 

The eclipse Full Moon in Sagittarius invites us to find the balance between the enthusiastic search for truth and meaning in our lives and the need to approach an issue rationally.  Curb the urge to jump to conclusions or making generalisations without collecting and checking the facts first. 

 Sagittarius is an optimistic sign that can make light or find the wisdom in even the bleakest times.  Sagittarius is also about expansion of knowledge and understanding.  No matter what is stirred for you know that the Lunar Eclipse always put us where we are meant to be, trust that the pieces will where they need to be.

Take care over the next week and happy adventures. 

Cassandra xox

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