New Moon in Gemini

Today we welcome a new moon cycle in Gemini.

As the Sun and Moon are both conjoining in Gemini, you may be itching to get out and connect, with others and take part in some fun social activities.

This is a powerful month as energy leading up to the Lunar eclipse on June 6th.  You are more likely to come across new ideas that can lead to more variety and options ahead.

This is a good cycle under which to re-examine our way of communicating and relating skills by questioning the power of your words. During this potent Gemini energy, we have the chance to make important changes in our lives.   By holding to your vision and what you truly value, you can materialize your dreams

Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini relates to movement, communication, and short trips.  There is a restlessness in the air and an eagerness to get moving again.  It comes as no surprise that we are seeing some Covid-19 restrictions easing and we can start to feel a bit more mobile.

Alas, we can’t get too excited as Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto are still retrograde so it’s still going to be slow going and nothing will feel like it’s hurtling along too fast or in a hurry.  By September to October Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are no longer retrograde and we enter a new chapter.

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Hello Lovelies,

I hope you are keeping well during these uncertain times.

Just to let you know in the interest of public health I have put a hold on readings in person,  but luckily thanks to the magic of modern technology we can stay connected over many time zones and in the comfort of our own homes.  So, as of Tuesday 23th March all  Psychic Card Readings or Astrology consultations will be conducted by phone, Skype, and Zoom.

As a psychic and intuitive reader for clients all over the world, I have provided readings over the phone/Skype over the years and have found them to be just as effective as readings in person.  A psychic connection can be established without the need for the client to be physically present.

I am committed to providing guidance and support to you through my readings during these challenging times.

You can book a reading and view my available times here Schedule Appointment or by sending a message on my contact page.

I look forward to connecting with you by phone/Skype and to the day in the not too distant future when we can safely move about freely again!

Love Cassandra xx