This week’s Full Moon in Aquarius is on August 2nd and isn’t your ordinary Full Moon.

 Brace yourselves for something extraordinary as it graces the sky as a Supermoon – the second in a rare sequence of four Supermoons this year.
This powerful lunation is not just a celestial spectacle; it carries profound energy that can act as a guiding force in your life. Embrace its influence and let it illuminate the path ahead!

Here’s how this Full Moon in Aquarius will impact each zodiac sign:

♈ Aries: The Full Moon shines on your social and humanitarian endeavours. Time to strengthen bonds with friends and embrace your community.
♉ Taurus: Your career takes centre stage. Embrace innovative ideas and new approaches to achieve your professional goals.
♊ Gemini: Adventure awaits! This lunation lights up your travel and higher learning sector, pushing you to broaden your horizons.
♋ Cancer: Dive deep into emotional connections and shared resources. This Full Moon highlights the realm of intimacy and transformation.
♌ Leo: Partnerships take the spotlight. Use this energy to strengthen existing relationships or welcome new connections.
♍ Virgo: Focus on your well-being and daily routines. This Supermoon nudges you to embrace healthier habits.
♎ Libra: The Full Moon highlights your creative zone. Let your artistic side shine and explore new forms of self-expression.
♏ Scorpio: Home and family matters come into focus. Use this energy to bring harmony and balance to your domestic life.
♐ Sagittarius: Communication gets a boost. Express yourself fearlessly and engage in meaningful conversations.
♑ Capricorn: Financial matters take center stage. This lunation encourages you to be mindful of your resources and investments.
♒ Aquarius: This Supermoon blesses you with its illuminating energy. Set intentions and let your desires manifest.
♓ Pisces: Embrace self-care and introspection. Use this Full Moon to recharge and connect with your inner self.
Let the magic of this rare Supermoon in Aquarius guide you towards your true north. Embrace the celestial vibes and let it elevate your life to new heights.

Love Cassandra