New Moon Solar eclipse at 12 degrees in Sagittarius

4th December, 6.38 pm Melbourne time. 

This is the last eclipse in this sign for about nine years and we are coming to the end of this cycle.

The New moon is time for new beginnings and setting our intentions for the next month. The moon in this position brings about the potential for the beginning of a new cycle it seems to be a good idea to take a big leap into the new.  This is a time of growth and expansion.  As we leave this old cycle, we are asked to make a choice between staying in our old comfort zone or expanding and exploring new horizons that await us.  

Eclipses have a way of moving us along on our evolutionary journey and this one, ruled by Jupiter is a time to go BIG.  So let’s set your intentions to maximum on the dial. 

Read for you Sun and Rising sign to see how the eclipse will influence the year ahead

Aries. It’s your year to expand your knowledge and travel experiences. A great year to study, travel to a new destination (if permitted) or learn about a new culture.  It’s a great time to expand your mind by seeking experiences and ideas that take you to new and exciting places.

Taurus –2022 is a favourable time for business partnerships, or for enter financial commitments with a partner for investing in your long-term future.  

Gemini – This Solar Eclipse will open the way for true relationship if you are ready to commit, a new adventure with a loved awaits you.

Cancer – Health and wellbeing with be your priority for 2022. You are learning to set a healthy routine that will support you in your work and everyday life.

Leo – Be willing to take a risk on romance as new opportunities to find love and happiness are available to your next year.  Engaging in activities that promote play and creativity can open new doors for you.

Virgo -2022 may bring opportunity for moving house, building your dream home, or perhaps moving to another city or town.  You can look forward to a fresh new beginning for home and family

Libra – Dream about writing or studying, 2022 brings the opportunity to express your ideas or commit to a course of study.

Scorpio – Time to acknowledge your true abilities and value. This may prompt you to look for a better paying job or new ways of making money using your skills and talents.

Sagittarius – After a big couple of years of inner reflection and realisations about yourself and your relationship to others, the new year is a time for stepping out and expressing the real you! 

Capricorn – Up until next May take the time to incubate and retreating into your cocoon.  The is a lot going on behind the scenes for you. 

Aquarius – 2022 brings wonderful opportunities for making new friends or developing deeper connections with existing ones.  Truly, a time to follow your dreams and make your wishes come true.

Pisces – It’s time for being confident and take a step up in your career.  2022 is a time to come out of your shell and share your wisdom with the world.

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