Psychic Tarot Readings

 Psychic Tarot Readings – Phone & Skype

Cassandra uses her natural psychic abilities plus the wisdom of the Tarot and the Cartouche to tap into your current circumstances and their potential outcomes. Her readings are extremely detailed exploring the major sectors in your life such as Money-relationships-health-career-children-property-luck-and spiritual matters.

You will also have a chance to ask a few specific questions, and you are most welcome to record your reading on your phone.

You can book and pay directly here. 


Please contact Cassandra to book and discuss suitable times for your psychic reading.

Payment is by credit card (VISA or MasterCard) at time of reading or bank transfer before reading.

Cassandra will call you at the appointment time.

  • 30 mins Psychic phone reading $60
  • 60 mins Psychic phone reading $100

After your phone/Skype reading with Cassandra, she can email you a copy of your reading in MP3 format – no extra charge.



Astrology Readings & Reports

Astrology Readings

readings-3-300x300Astrology readings give an in depth analysis of your inner strengths and weaknesses, giving insight into the subtle influences you are born with. The ultimate aim of an astrological consultation is to help the client to live their life to the fullest through understanding and self-awareness.

In an astrology reading Cassandra will cast your personal horoscope using your date, time and location of birth, and give you a detail interpretation of your chart covering the main themes in your life such as relationships, career, children, health, creativity etc. All readings include a forecast for the next 12 months as well your current situation.

  • 60 mins Astrology in-person consultation $100

Consultations are available in person, or via phone and Skype. Payment can be made by cash or credit card (VISA or MasterCard) on the day, over the phone, or from our bookings page.

Click here to pay online for your astrology consultation.

Please contact Cassandra to book.

Astrology Reports

A number of different reports can be given depending on your situation.

  • Astrology report (PDF via email) $19.95
  • Astrology report (hard copy with colour pictures, sent via post) $29.95

Payment is by credit card from our bookings page or by calling 0411 304 483. Click here to pay online for your astrology report or reading.


Natal Report

An astrological chart – also known as a horoscope, natal chart or birth chart – looks at the nature you were born with. The specific energy indicated at that time by planets in Zodiac Signs is also reflected in you. This report will introduce you to the concepts of astrology and how to get started with your natal chart.

The report covers topics such as:

  • Life goals
  • Home—Education
  • Relationships—Motivation
  • Career
  • Creativity
  • Challenges in life
  • Purpose and joy

Solar Return Report

The year ahead based on a unique astrology chart cast for the timing of your birthday for that year (the exact time the Sun returns to same position as to when you were born), indicating the opportunities and challenges of the year ahead.

Topics covered for that year are:

  • Major Theme
  • Personal Matters
  • Challenges
  • Lessons
  • Journey

Zodiac Child Report

A perfect gift for new parents, the children’s report provides an in-depth analysis of the little quirks and personality traits of that special child.

Gives insight into the areas such as friends, family, talents, schooling and goals, etc … which need to be nurtured and encouraged to bring out their full potential.