On May 1st at 6.28 am AEST, the very first eclipse of 2022 will arrive sparking change, and announcing the start of eclipse season. It’s the first Solar Eclipse in Taurus and it’s affect will be felt over the next six months.

 The new moon partial solar eclipse in Taurus is a powerful one – We are prompted to level up and evolve.

This eclipse season in Taurus, we may experience an increased desire for security and stability.   Our focus will be in creating beauty, abundance, grounding, and steady growth.  We are encouraged to understand how we build value and purpose in our lives, to increase stability and enjoyment and pleasure in our experience.

To experience the full benefits of this eclipse we are encouraged to slow down and get grounded – to channel the practical power of the Earth element into our everyday lives.  

We’re all invited to enjoy all that nature has to offer.  Our senses are awakened, and we fall in love with things that are enjoyable to look at touch and taste.

Venus and Jupiter will form a conjunction in Pisces on the day making this eclipse a wonderful time for love and romance, and creative or artistic projects.

On a lucky note, this Eclipse is basking in the romantic and dreamy glow of the positive aspects of Venus conjunct Jupiter and the magical conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces.  Overall, this is a positive eclipse, signifying increases in love, money, beauty, the arts, and pleasure. 

Enjoy the New Moon in Taurus! xx

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