New Moon at  ° Virgo

The new Moon enters a new cycle in the sign of Virgo on the 27th August 6.17 pm AEST.  

With Mars making an exact angle with this New Moon, you will have access to a fresh and energetic approach to projects.

Mars is also known for action and focused will. You may feel the urge to push beyond blocks or obstacles. Staying clear and focused on your desired result can help to deal with any stress that arise on the way to achieving your goal.

This can be an agitating time, so be aware of staying open and flexible and trying not to get too scattered.  Mars in Gemini can generate a lot of mental scattered energy, and it may be hard to sit still.

A great way to channel all this mental energy is to focus on any projects that require attention to detail.  By handling the finer details of our day-to-day life in an organized, step-by-step fashion, we can free our minds of clutter.

Perfect time for sorting, creating order and getting ready for spring cleaning.  It’s handy as we enter spring in the Southern hemisphere and we start to feel the energy of new growth: if we can take the time to de-clutter, we will have more energy and space for this new growth to flourish.


This can be an excellent time to organize and revisit your health and work routine. The Virgo energy of this moon will help you to get grounded and focus on the tasks that will really propel you forward and bring you success.


You may adjust your diet and well-being practices to reflect the change in season or slip in a few more healthy practices to kick start your metabolism.

Virgo’s strength is to create order out of chaos. This is the month to tackle the areas in your life that could do with a tidy-up. Just think of all the time and energy you are freeing up for the future.

Wishing you a happy New Moon and a fabulous month. 

Cassandra x

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