Happy blissful New Moon in Pisces!  

It’s time to get cosmic and tune into the intuitive healing energies that this New Moon in Pisces has to offer.

As the last sign in the Zodiac, we are starting to conclude the astrological year and prepare for a new phase to life’s story that start at the next new moon in Aries. 

As the new Moon is a great time to set your intentions for the month start to think about how you would like to feel in the next phase of your life.

Get inspired and dream big

Neptune, the ruler of Pisces encourages us to raise our sights, get inspired and help us dare to dream big for a better life and a better world.

Use your imagination to create a healthier happier vision for the new chapter of your life.  By holding to your vision and what you truly value,
you can materialize your dreams.

Healing and acceptance. 

The healing qualities of Pisces offers a gentle approach to healing.  It can help us cleanse away negative emotions by allowing acceptance, forgiveness, and love in. Time to release old pain and hurts and allow love and new hope to flow through you again. 

Dreams and insights. 

Keeping a dream journal can be enlightening under the influence of this new moon.  We can gain greater access to our inner self through our dreams, revealing our hopes and fears. These insights can also bring about opportunities for clarity and healing. 

Starting a spiritual practice such as yoga, meditation or psychic and spiritual development are all positive expressions of a Pisces moon.

Have a blissful month! 

Cassandra xox

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