Welcome to the New Moon in 2° Libra

A new moon cycle in Libra begins on Monday Sept 26th at 7.54 am AEST.

Over the next few days, the new Moon is in the sign of Libra, it’s an excellent time to set your intentions for the coming month on matters covering relationships and partnership, beauty, balance, and inner harmony.

This is a favourable moment to plant seeds and intentions for the changes you wish to make to your relationships. It’s also a good time to settle disputes and come to mutually beneficial agreements.

Look out for the results coming when Mercury stations direct on October 2nd.

In career and business matters you may find it easier to gain cooperation and support from work colleagues and business partnerships.  You may make new connections through friends or networks that can benefit your love life to opportunities in business or work.

As it’s Libra territory to establish peace and balance you may find yourself in situations of emotional imbalance that require an adjustment to restore inner harmony.  Now is a time to demonstrate tact and go for peace.

 Mercury’s retrograde influence finds that our words can bring about the harmony we seek.   If we get caught up in a difficult confrontation, we are better off adopting the polite, friendly Libran way to diffuse conflict and induce cooperation and get others to agree more easily to compromise.

On a happier note, a Libra Moon inspires us to make our surroundings beautiful or to put ourselves in situations where beauty is all around us.  This is a great time to decorate your home, shop for a new outfit, or when possible, to visit places of elegant beauty.

Try not to stress or hurry and there is no need to change anything unless it involves making your surroundings more comfortable or going for peace in your key relationships. We tend to resist change when the moon is in this sign especially if it is not of our making.  We are more inclined to seek comfort in simple earthly pleasures such as enjoying an amazing dinner, listening to music while watching the sunset, or turning our minds to romantic matters.

Wishing you a happy and harmonious New Moon in Libra.

Cassandra xxoo

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