Cassandra Knight - New Moon in Libra

New Moon in Libra: October 17, 2020

A new moon cycle in Libra begins on Saturday at 6.13 am AEST. (Friday in the US and UK).

Over the next few days, the new Moon in the sign of Libra, is an excellent time to set your intentions for the coming month on matters covering relationships, partnership, beauty and balance.

This Libra new moon provides a pleasant two-week opportunity period to rebalance your one-to-one relationships.  It’s also a good time to settle disputes and come to favourable agreements.

In business and career matters you may find it easier to gain mutual support from business partnerships.  Connections made through friends or networks can benefit your love life and lead to opportunities in business or work.

Since it is Libra’s job to restore peace and balance, you may find yourself in situations of emotional imbalance that require an adjustment of the scales to set them right.  Libra’s ability to use tact and negotiate for peace will help to diffuse conflicts and tensions which may occur because the moon is opposed by Mars and clashes with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn. 

If you find yourself in dispute with others you should adopt a polite and friendly manner. It can do wonders to diffuse conflict and get others to cooperate more easily.

On a lighter note, a Libra Moon prompts us to make our surroundings beautiful, or to put ourselves in situations where beauty is all around us.  This is a great time to decorate, shop for the home or when possible to visit places of elegant beauty.

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