New Moon in Leo – 19 Aug at 12:41 pm AEST

The New Moon in Leo is about celebrating life and finding your joy. Leo emits a big heart energy.  We are encouraged to be openhearted and generous, to show up at our best and be proud of who we are.
The power of this New Moon is to realize and feel confident about our talents and greatness, whatever that may be for you.
It’s a great time to  explore your creativity.  Start a creative new project or hobby that brings out your artistic side. Perhaps you have the urge to perform in some way, outgoing Leo can inspire us to be more expressive and dramatic. Whatever form you choose to express your creativity remember the emphasis is on fun, play and enjoyment.
In relationships the Leo New Moon can help forge stronger and closer bonds with our partner and children. As Leo is the most affectionate sign in the Zodiac, now is not the time to hold back your feelings with the one you love.  Around this New Moon and the days after, there is a romantic vibe in the air. Why not take up this opportunity and organize a date or night out with your favourite person, you are sure to have a good time under this fun loving Leo New Moon!

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