Happy New Moon in Leo – Time to follow your bliss!

The sun and moon meet in the sign of Leo today, this generous
and fun new moon in Leo invites you to celebrate life and
into your life right now is anything that BRINGS YOU JOY AND HAPPINESS.

Leo rules the heart, which means connecting to activities
or philosophies that fills you up with joy and love. If it doesn’t speak to you
on an emotional and passionate level, then it’s not worth pursuing.

It’s time to get real about who and what you love.
What relationships and activities are working for you? Do they speak to you on a soulful level? If not, then maybe it’s time to disconnect from them and bring in a new project. Perhaps it’s time to revitalize your goals and inspire
yourself with different hopes. You can change the direction you are traveling in if you are motivated and want to make the change.

Lucky Jupiter aspects this new moon adding exciting new possibilities to this lunar cycle.

You can create the life that you want, as long as your heart is completely invested in the dream. Your visions are bursting with enthusiasm and
desire. Whatever you create will take flight and whoever you commit or recommit to will fill your heart up with love.

This is one of the luckiest manifesting new moons of the year. 

So, take some time to ponder, and select your new intentions. This Leo new moon beacons you to find and follow your bliss, gently nudging you out of your comfort zone and in search of a more courageous, passionate, and creative life…

Happy manifesting! 

Love Cassandra 

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