This week we welcome a sparkly new moon at 9 degrees Gemini. 

As the Sun and Moon are both conjoining in Gemini on the 30th of May, you may be itching to get out and connect with others and participate in some fun social activities.

After a tense month of the eclipse season coming in and unending our lives, this airy moon brings a welcome lightness into our lives.  It can feel like a new beginning, a calm after the storm. We are more likely to come across new ideas that can lead to more variety and options ahead.

This is a good cycle under which to re-examine our way of communicating and relating skills by questioning the power of our words. During this positive Gemini energy, we have the chance to make important changes in our lives.   You can materialize your dreams by holding to your vision and what you truly value.  

Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini, relates to movement, communication, and short trips.  There is a restlessness in the air and an eagerness to get moving, especially after June the 3rd, when Mercury retrograde comes to an end.  You may notice things and start flowing again. It can be a great time to make travel plans or take up a course of study.

The moon is also connected with fortunate Jupiter, and motivating Mars will boost our energy levels and lift our spirits after the stormy times created by last month’s Eclipses.

Each zodiac sign can make the most of this positive lunation cycle by setting your intentions for this month by performing a new moon ritual, journaling, or simply meditating on your hopes and dreams.  

Happy manifesting!


Cassandra xx

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