The New Moon of 2022 arrives at 3.55 am on Monday 3rd January AEDT and it’s in the grounded & practical earth sign of Capricorn.

The new moon is the best time to set your intentions for the coming 28-day lunar cycle. Harness the energy of the growing new moon by focusing your thoughts and ideas on positive change.  It is a particularly good time to improve situations and issues with a Capricorn theme such as resourcefulness, discipline, wisdom, ambition, careful forethought, and planning. 

If you seek to create order out of chaos now is your chance.  Capricorn is a resourceful and disciplined sign which is the Master of planning and building, stable and long-lasting structures. So, it the perfect time to focus on the on your long term practical and realistic goals.

Uranus in Taurus makes a harmonious aspect to the New Moon, bring positive and innovative solution to problems.   It’s best to take advantage of this aspect by looking beyond your current limitations and being open minded.  You can tap into your inner genius and higher mind and receive insights and clarity to help set your intentions for the whole year.  

How to set your 2022 intentions under the Capricorn New Moon.

What rituals, plans and traditions with help you to organise a structure for future success?

Dedicate a time over the next 2-3 days where you can sit and tune in to your inner self.

Have a journal handy to write down your thoughts and ideas. Here are some Capricorn themed questions to ponder:

What can I learn from my experiences from 2021

How can I get clear on what areas in life need attention

How can I commit to plans that support my long term-goals

I bring and wisdom and common sense in everything I take on.


Happy New Moon!