New Moon in Cancer 18 degrees.  

Melbourne 11.17 am on Saturday 10th Jul

Today’s New Moon is in the nurturing sign of Cancer. 

As the new moon is the beginning of the new lunar cycle it’s a particularly good time to decide on what you would like to create for the month ahead.  As you plan for the coming month to make a start on new projects  you are tapping into the exciting impulses emitted by this new Cancer moon.  

While you are setting your goals and intentions that are meaningful to you it can be helpful to establish a calm meditative state.  Tap into what is in your highest good and close to your heart….. Observe what comes up for you.  

Cancer is about nourishment, sharing happiness and joy with your loved ones, connecting with your ancestors and understanding where you come from.  Nourishing your mind, body and soul. 

The New Moon in Cancer means that we are likely to feel more perceptive about emotions and what lies beneath the surface, over time gaining wisdom that can be used to heal and teach others.


In addition, the Moon’s transit in Cancer helps inspire us and boost our creativity and especially in the domestic arts such as cooking, interior decoration and anything focused on the home, security, and the creature comforts. This moon also is a favourable for mothers and mothers-to-be and a positive fertile moon for those hoping to add to their family.

Under this New Moon, we’ll find ourselves looking for protection, warmth and tenderness. We may feel more inclined to stay home or in a place that provides insulation from the outside world.  This could result in us preferring to spend time with family and close friends than large crowds and gatherings.

Wishing you a happy and nourishing new Cancer moon! xox

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