New Moon in Aquarius 23 degrees

Melbourne 6.06 am on Friday 12th

Thursday in the US and UK

Today’s New Moon is in the innovative sign of Aquarius.  This new moon lines up in Aquarius with 5 other planets in the stars opening unknown opportunities for you and perhaps unavailable to you in the past.   The Aquarian theme to this new moon brings a new quality to your life filled with new ideas, breakthroughs and progress.

This will be your time to think about how you can make a positive contribution to the world as we enter the beginning of a new shift in consciousness taking hold in true contrast to 2020.

As Mars squares the New Moon, some will be challenged by this new beginning and become defensive and reactive.  We need to be mindful of becoming too rigid in our opinions and ideas.  If we adopt an open and objective mind, we can experience a real breakthrough from old blocks and problems.

 Aquarius is ruled by Uranus so this moon can bring out the rebel in us. If you have felt stuck in a rut lately then this is the time to try something different. 

Your personal freedom and individuality are more important to you now. So make sure you express your uniqueness in though and style.  

All in all, you can expect change, breakthroughs, and surprises over the next month, initiated from the time of the New Moon to the next. 

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