Sunday, Jan 22 | 7.53 AM AEDT

This is the first good new moon of the year. The planet of luck (Jupiter) and the action planet (Mars) both align to add extra positive energy and propel this New Moon forward.  If you have been working on your vision for 2023, this new moon will set your intentions to light lighter fluid to a flame. With the combo of Jupiter and Mars pressing you forward, you must be courageous and simply go for your dreams.

Read below for your Sun sign and or your Rising sign:

Aries – Your infections an exuberant energy will act as a magnet and attract new people into your life.  Be open to making new social connections, as the people you meet now may reflect and support the new aspects of yourself you wish to explore and express.

Taurus- You are finally getting the big break in your career you have been waiting for. You may be recognized and rewarded for your original and innovative ideas or simply be the right person at the right time for the job.

Gemini – With Mars finally moving forward in your sign, you can feel relieved as obstacles from the previous months fall away and will be free to expand your mind through study, or new opportunities may come your way to travel and explore new lands.    

Cancer – When you invest in yourself and your future, the return will be plentiful. Your intuition will guide you in what actions to take and what risks are worth taking to reach your goals.

Leo – There is a new relationship coming your way and one which brings a new level of awareness and perception of yourself and how you show up in relationships.  For an existing relationship, you will have the opportunity to grow in exciting new ways with your partner.

Virgo – Look at new ways to establish healthy routines to accomplish your goals. Be open to getting help from someone that can support you in implementing and sticking to your new wellness regime.

Libra – You are truly open to new love and happiness. A generous and upbeat partner may be up for a romantic getaway.  There is a lot to be gained by thinking outside the box and being open to new ways of relating and having fun. Discussing and setting shared goals with business or personal partnerships is favourable under this New Moon.

Scorpio – This can be a good time to look for a new home or change the look of your existing home.  You may have success in moving to or updating and modernizing your home that, enhances your living experience and reflects your future needs,

Sagittarius – This is a great time to connect and find a new network of people who share your unconventional ideas and futuristic way of thinking. You may find great joy in sharing and connecting with like-minded people with common goals and interests. Your ideas are positively received and could lead to a new job or new source of income.

Capricorn -You can expect an increase in your income that will bring about a new quality of life. This is a lucky and abundant New Moon for you, where it seems the more open-hearted and grateful you feel for the good things in your life, the more you are in to flow to attract abundance in your life.

Aquarius- With the Sun and the Moon shining in your sign this month, you will feel supported by the Universe to express your true nature and align with your soul’s purpose.  Take notice of chance meetings that place you in the right time and conditions to manifest your dreams.

Pisces – Your body and soul will be craving the opportunity to restore and heal.  Take time to Take time to revitalize your spirit by meditating, spending time in nature, and cultivating gentle physical activities such as yoga to enhance your health and well-being. 

Happy New Moon, 

Love Cassandra xx

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