Today we are entering a New Moon cycle in the sign of Scorpio at 12 degrees, it’s a great time to set your intentions!

The new moon can open new gateways in your world over the next month.  In the sign of Scorpio this moon cycle speaks of the process of transformation, rebirth, regeneration and digging deep.

You may find you are reassessing matters shared in relationships, such as finances, passion, values, and resources.  You may wish to approach these areas in your life in a more balanced and empowering manner.

Scorpio energy can be intense and revealing.  If you are avoiding a difficult issue or are fooling yourself, this volcanic moon will have a way of bringing things to the surface or show you the truth in some way.  Helping you to let go of fear and embrace the power and clarity that knowing the truth can bring.

 As most experiences that involve transformation or rebirth, a sacrifice may be necessary to allow room for the new.  You may need to put old ways to rest and trust that there will be new life.  The illuminating Uranus opposing the new moon, will bring surprising & possibilities to your new life.   Unexpected news may open doors.

 Mars also in Scorpio will give extra energy and oomph to this lunation cycle, giving you the courage and passion to follow your true path.

Happy new moon! 

Love Cassandra

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