Mercury Retrograde in Cancer – June 18th to July 12th.

Mercury covers all forms of connection that involve communication, transport and movement. When in retrograde we can experience an interruption of flow in these areas.
Mistakes are made, delays can occur when traveling and miscommunications and mishaps appear to increase.
Although these things are happening all the time we are more likely to notice them during this period. The fact is the world keeps turning and in many cases, it’s just not practical to stop taking part in these mercurial activities during the retrograde cycle. The key is to pay more attention to detail and take the time to cross-check important information particularly if errors can create problems in the future.

Mercury retrograde periods occur about three to four times a year and for about three weeks at a time and are a natural and even helpful recurring cycle.
It’s part of the cycle of life, just like the cycle of the moon and the seasons.
These are great opportunities to revise and review our thinking and any written and spoken communication. We can use this time to examine the flow of our day to day lives and if things do go wrong it can teach us something.

This Mercury retrograde cycle is the sensitive sign of Cancer.  We may feel more sensitive to criticism or negativity. It’s important to keep a positive mindset and avoid brooding or dwelling on upsetting remarks.    On the other hand, take care to be more caring and sensitive to others. a kind word or thoughtful gesture can make a big difference to a struggling soul.

Cancer is a sentimental sign and likes to look to the past.   Our thoughts may be more connected to looking back to past events and relationships, of our youth or our earlier memories. We may hear from or wish to reconnect with a past love or an old friend.
As we look back we may become sentimental and nostalgic for a less dramatic or more idyllic time.  There is no harm in looking back as long as we stay grounded in the realities of the present.

If you have experienced a loss, or are mourning the loss of what you had, it is perfectly normal to shed tears over what was loved and lost.  This can be comforting and healing to do as long as you can come back from this journey with a renewed energy for life.


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