Lunar Eclipse  16° Taurus Nov 8th AEDT

The Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is in direct contact with Uranus, bringing about doubly unexpected shocks and changes. The Eclipses bring about evolutionary changes, on a cosmic level and a personal level; we are invited to grow, evolve and expand our awareness of our current state of being to fulfill our soul purpose.  

You may no longer be satisfied with staying in your comfort zone or unhappy situations.  The Lunar Eclipse provides opportunities for expanding, growing, and breaking out of the limitations of your former self.

All these changes can bring about unrest and unsettling feelings; know that we are collectively going through a pattern paradigm shift that takes some time to get used to!   The Lunar Eclipse is not a time of action, it is a time of allowing the process of change. The energy released can helps us to release an old fear, a relationship, a thought pattern, a job, or a habit.  An Eclipse time can be an end of a chapter in your life. This ending can appear cathartically, but ultimately it can bring about liberation and pave the way for better things.

Collectively this Lunar eclipse in Taurus means we are realigning our values around, money, relationships, our resources:  all the essentials required for our existence as humans on earth, such as energy, food and love.  As Uranus is making a direct hit with this Lunar Eclipse, we can expect more evolutionary changes until the next Eclipse cycle in six months. 

If you would like to learn about how the eclipses and the planetary movements of 2023 may play out in your life, I will be conducting an online astrology workshop on Thursday 17th November at 10am. You can find out more here.

Best Wishes, 

Cassandra xx

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