Mercury stations retrograde in the fixed, air sign of Aquarius from 30th January to the 21st February. Mercury rules our mind and the way we communicate with others. Aquarius is the sign of innovation and original thinking bringing new ideas and inventions to ideally advance humanity for the greater good.  

Although Mercury Retrograde gets the blame for any tech problems, travel delays and mis-communications it can actually be the best time to take a step back and reassess who you are and what you are doing.  It’s not the best time to making drastic changes but rather paying more attention on existing projects and tasks.  If do have plans to make a big change I would wait  until after retrograde has ended. 

Mercury Aquarius is here to shake up our way of thinking – and seeing beyond what is presented to us. Therefore, when retrograde in motion, we have the time to go over, ponder and explore these new ideas in a deeper way. Are your ideas and way of thinking still working for you, or preparing you for the changing world.

It the perfect time to explore your thought patterns.  Are you hanging on to negative, beliefs, about yourself or your life?  Are you repeating negative patterns that stop you from reaching your potential or attaining happiness?

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus which is about breaking free of the old.  It’s also the intuitive mind that can tap into the our collective intelligence or the genius of humankind.  Mercury rules the conscious mind therefore Mercury in Aquarius this can be a period where new and original, ideas surface which affect the world as a whole, rather than just individuals.

So we have the opportunity if we use this retrograde period wisely to tap into this higher collective mind and come up with inventive ideas that at best make the world a better place or at least improve your private universe.

This of Mercury Retrograde period start on the 30th January and ends on  21st February. 

Next Mercury Retrograde occurs on May 29th to June 22nd. 

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