Best wishes for the Winter Solstice today!

Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year and marks the mid-point of winter, it’s also known as the pagan festival of Yule, and brings the promise of new beginnings as we move out of the darkness as the days become a little bit lighter and warmer.
I do enjoy the stillness of this time of year. Just as plants and animals slow down to conserve their energy so can we use this time to withdraw and go within.   It can be a magical time to delve deep into our inner worlds, to name our dreams and give birth to our visions.
This is a fire ritual I like to do to harness this dormant energy that is brewing and gestating in the earth waiting for Spring to bring new life.
It’s more enjoyable to do get together and do this with like-minded friends but probably not practical this year.

The Fire Ritual….
Reflect over the past 12 months and think about your successes and challenges.
Take two pieces of paper and one write what you wish to let go of such as hurts, anger, loss, destructive habits, etc.

On another piece of paper write down your hope and dreams and intentions for the coming year. Readout your notes and throw then into the fire.
This signifies the casting of that which holds you back, making space to bring forth your heart’s desire.
If you don’t have access to an open fire an alternative is to light a candle just before you read out your intentions and if safe to do so, burn the pieces of paper. Alternately, you could bury them in the garden or place in the compost.
In the past,  with friends,  we have place our pieces of paper in a hollow log and burnt it in a fire pit outdoors and celebrated the occasion with warm spiced wine by the glow of the fire.

Happy Winter Solstice,  hope your hopes and dreams come true!

Blessed be,

Cassandra xx


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