Happy Autumn Equinox  

As the Sun enters Aries it signals the beginning of the Astrological year. 

For the southern hemisphere folk this heralds the beginning of Autumn for the northern hemisphere the beginning of Spring, both seeking to find harmony as we adjust to the new season.

As we have experienced last astrological month there are no planets retrograde so there the urge to go all out is even more accentuated as we move from lay back Pisces to energetic Aries.

This is an auspicious month for the fire and air signs who are in line to benefit the most from the Sun entering the most energetic of the signs. Don’t be surprised if feel all fired up and ready to start new projects.

This is the month of action and a great time to start something new. You may be more conscious of stay on your own path this month and not get caught up in other people’s problems.  If you struggle with starting new things and making changes in your life it may be time to develop a more focused and adaptable approach to life, or else you could feel dispirited and disoriented by what is unfolding.
The full moon in Libra on Saturday 29th March will oppose Chiron and Venus indicating opportunities to heal old issues centered around love and health.

If are holding on to emotional pain or fear of commitment and rejection you may experience a time of healing, giving you insight and wisdom in intimate relationships.

This full moon will illuminate the areas in your life that require balance and harmony.

Take advantage of the Sun, Venus and Jupiter and Mars make a lucky configuration with this full moon, by getting involved in activities that will enhance your health, happiness and creativity.

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