Gemini New Moon Solar Eclipse.
The New Moon is exact at 8.53 pm AEST, Thursday 10th June.
This New Moon is a potent one as we complete this Eclipse season that peaked on May 26 during the Blood Moon Eclipse in Sagittarius.
You probably have been feeling a shift in your energy, especially if you have personal planets in mutable signs such as Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.
With the Solar New Moon Eclipse in Gemini, the focus is on your mind and communication and how you use information. It’s a good time for learning and expanding the mind but there may be a loss of deeper meaning and a tendency to get distracted or overwhelmed with too much data.
As Mercury is still retrograde over the next couple of weeks, we may still experience some restrictions on travel or education. We may also experience an overload of information and getting weary of online connectedness. There will be a real need to rely on accurate facts and less on blind faith.
Gemini is also a sign of relationships between friends, siblings, and people in your local neighborhood. It is an especially positive time to connect, to exchanging ideas network, or catch up on the local news.
As Neptune and Saturn are also influencing this Eclipse it’s best not to charge forward with your plans. Best to be receptive and flexible and wait for things to unfold.
with Love Cassandra xx

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