Full Moon in Virgo 

27 February at  7.17 pm AEDT 

As the energy of the Full Moon brings to light and heightens our emotions through the sign it is in, in this case, Virgo,  people may be more prone to anxiety and overthinking.  If this is you the remedy is to stay balanced and focus on the practical ways you can take care of your mental, emotional and physical health.

Virgo, an earthy and metal sign can represent purification, cleansing, and healing.    This is a good time to focus on your health and well-being. Moderation and attention to detail is the key to making the most of this full moon.  Follow through with your health regime with an emphasis on adding something positive to your daily routine. Virgo is traditionally the sign associated with discernment, sorting out what is useful and valuable and what is not.  Take advantage of this Full Moon to keep what is working in your life and release what is holding you back. 

Take a look at the areas in your life you can fine-tune this Full Moon according to your Sun and rising sign.

Aries:  Follow through with your health regime with the emphasis on adding something positive to your daily routine.

Taurus: Opportunities abound for love and enjoy sharing inspirational activities with your partner or friend ranging from listening to beautiful music to enjoy dining out, or visiting an art gallery.

Gemini Focus on your family and home. You may have the urge to clean, create order and purify.  Uplift and purify the energy in the home with essential oils, scented candles, or home cooking.

Cancer: Be clear and pay attention to detail. in your communications. You may be more sensitive to the opinion of others.   You may feel the need to be heard and speak your truth, just be sure to be caring and sensitive in your approach.

Leo: Understand your true value and don’t sell yourself short. Align yourself with the people and actions that reflect your values.  In the name of efficiency, you may want to cull time-wasting people and activities that no longer serve you.

Virgo: Let go of the need look perfection especially the image of self and how you think other people see you. Focus on your best assets and attributes, work on bringing those out rather than on the things you don’t like about yourself.  People are more like to respond to your caring and nurturing nature.

Libra: Time to go within and create your inner and outer sanctuary.  Silence your mind enough to listen to your intuitive guide through your dreams, intuition, vision, and spiritual insights.  The power of this Full Moon may reveal the secret to your own happiness.

Scorpio: Realign with your hopes and aspirations. Time to get creative, visualize a clear vision for your future.  Follow what inspires you, this will keep you on track to fulfilling your dreams. 

Sagittarius: You may seek to rethink and realign your purpose.  You may examine your work or career options and discover new opportunities that have been hidden to you thus far.  

Capricorn: Breakthrough limiting beliefs.  This Full Moon may illuminate any blocks in your thinking stopping you from achieving your goals or impede your happiness. You may find you are more receptive to healing especially improving your mental health.

Aquarius: Clearing out the old to make way for the new, this could relate to shared possessions, partnerships, or money matters.  Take advantage of this moon’s strengths for analysis and attention to detail to get your finances in order. 

Pisces:  You can make some positive changes in a relationship. Let go of outmoded or harmful ways of relating especially avoid unconstructive criticism and emotional outbursts.

Happy Full Moon! 

Love Cassandra xx