Full Moon in Virgo 19 degrees 37′

Getting things done!

The  Full Moon in Virgo on Monday the 9th March AEST and Mercury retrograde comes to an end on this day.

The earthy sign of Virgo can represent purification, cleansing and healing.    This is a good time to focus on your health and well-being.

Moderation and attention to detail is the key to making the most of this full moon.  Follow through with your health regime with an emphasis on replacing an unhealthy habit with a positive one to your daily routine.  You may review your diet and exercise routine and look at ways you can adopt clean living.

Virgo, is traditionally the sign that associated with discernment, sorting out what is useful and valuable and what is not.  Take advantage of this Full Moon to keep what is working in your life and release what is holding you back.

As the energy of the Full Moon can illuminate and extenuate our emotions through the lens of its sign, in this case, Virgo.   You may find that people are more prone to anxiety and overthinking.  If this is you, the remedy is to stay balanced and focus on practical ways you can take care of your mental, emotional and physical health.

Virgo is the perfectionist!   You may be more aware of and notice the imperfections around you and unable to relax until you fix or correct them.  There is a tendency in this sign to overdo or over-perform.    By all means take the time to do your job well but make sure to build a bit of play and relaxation into your routine.

Mercury retrograde also comes to an end today.  The time of going over things and finishing things off is coming to an end and acting on your plans is fast approaching.


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