Full Moon in Pisces – 28 degrees

9.55 am 21 September 2021 AEST

Tonight we welcome the full Moon in Pisces: The mystical queen of full moons.

Be prepared for your Intuition powers to be at their strongest now.
Take control of your destiny. Under this psychic moon you have easier access to your superconscious. Ask your superconscious, what are my next steps to create the life I desire?
Your inner voice and visions will guide you. Also pay attention to your dreams any synchronicities that pop up and your intuition will guide the way.
A time to make your dreams a reality, make time for your creative pursuits. But also, to rest and look after your emotional need and desires.
If you can, spend time near water or take a long bath and release all that no longer serves your highest good. What do you choose to let go of? This letting go will be much easier than others because now you are ready, and you can let them dissolve away with ease.
The healing qualities of Pisces offer a gentle healing energy to help us cleanse away negative emotions. Acceptance and forgiveness are the key to healing old pain and hurts and allowing the love in.
Be gentle and kind with yourself and others…..Trust that you will emerge thoroughly cleansed, centred and balanced.
Have a happy Pisces full moon!

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