Full Moon Leo 

3.57 am 17th Feb- Melbourne time 

The Full Moon in Leo on the 17th Feb, at 4am happens on the same day as the exact Venus Mars conjunction. Now is the time to be yourself and reap the rewards of the changes you have made.

In full Leo style, you may experience new heights of passion through creative expression. New ways of having fun and enjoying life are available to you during this lunation cycle. Children and pets can be a source of fun, reminding us to stay in touch with our playful nature and living in the now.

If you have experienced blocks around self-expression or self-acceptance, this full moon presents a perfect opportunity to let go of any blocks.   If you have any limiting beliefs regarding being seen or heard in the world – now is the time to identify them and let them go. Know, that you are not just defined by your past actions, you can rewrite your story at any moment.

There is also an alignment with the Moon’s nodes bringing events and meetings with a fortunate quality that Leo will thrive in. The world needs your gifts and talents, so let your personal creativity flourish.


Mars in Conjunction with Venus

Mars is also joined by Venus in an unusually long conjunction that lasts all the way into early April. They start in Capricorn and enter Aquarius in March, holding hands all the way. The exact conjunction happens in Capricorn on the 17th, together with the Full Moon, with Venus and Mars trine.

This meeting of Venus and Mars brings a practical focus to your relationships, creative work, and finances. Venus wants harmony but Mars wants to fight so what happens depends on how you relate to these energies and whether you can combine them effectively. It’s more comfortable with practical demonstrations of love and the direct, sensual expression of affection. You could increase your income through hard work and bring your creative ideas into concrete form. It’s also a good time for physical activities like sports, dance, and yoga, and excellent for starting an exercise regime to get in shape or have a makeover.

Happy Full Moon in Leo!


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