FEB 6TH, 2023 5.29 AM AEDT


Leo themes include recognition and passion. Every full moon gives us a chance to look at opposite signs of a similar coin to find balance, release, and inspiration. 

Balancing the opposing themes of Leo and Aquarius in our personal lives can bring us greater harmony, fulfillment, and growth. Leo’s desire for recognition and attention, and Aquarius’ desire for individuality and independence, can sometimes create tension, but with a little effort, we can find a balance between these two energies.

 Here are 5 ways to balance the themes of Leo and Aquarius in our lives during this full moon:

1. Embrace individuality: It’s important to celebrate our unique qualities and individuality, just like Aquarius. By embracing our individuality, we can bring more creativity, innovation, and excitement into our lives.

2. Seek recognition and passion: Leo’s need for recognition and passion is a healthy one, and it’s important to acknowledge and fulfill this need. Whether it’s through pursuing our passions or simply being proud of our
accomplishments, seeking recognition and attention can help us to feel more confident and secure.

3. Focus on community: Aquarius’ focus on community can help us to broaden our perspectives and approach our work and relationships in new ways. By surrounding ourselves with people who support and challenge us, we can grow and evolve in meaningful ways.

4. Embrace stability: Leo’s need for stability is important, and it’s important to find ways to incorporate this into our lives. Whether it’s through creating routines or surrounding ourselves with people who provide us with stability, embracing stability can help us to feel more grounded and secure.

5. Seek out new experiences: Aquarius’ progressive nature can inspire us to seek out new experiences and approach life in new ways. Whether it’s through trying new things, pursuing new interests, or simply being open to new perspectives, seeking out new experiences can help us to grow and evolve.

By finding balance between the themes of Leo and Aquarius in our lives, we can bring more harmony, fulfillment, and growth into our lives. Whether we are focusing on individuality, recognition, community, stability, or new experiences, balancing these energies can help us
to feel more fulfilled and inspired.

 Happy Ful Moon!

Love Cassandra xx

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