The 2021 Gemini full moon at 27 degrees Gemini arrives at a positive angle with Jupiter on the 19th December. 

This moon in Gemini brings with it a social quality with some of us hoping to see siblings, friends and co-workers for a pre-Christmas catch up. Jupiter is making a friendly aspect to the full moon bring with an air of optimism and some good cheer.  

Gemini is the sign of communication and reminds us of the importance of staying in touch and practicing the art of the conversation.  This is a good time to brush up on your lighthearted small talk! On a serious note, life can become so much easier if you work on this now.  With so much heaviness around us this year, a bit of lighthearted conversation maybe more appreciated.

If we are not up for socializing or feel it is not safe to do so, you may prefer to occupy your mind by watching a comedy or catch up on your favourite TV series, or perhaps a documentary for the curious and those that love to learn something new. Reading and writing are also great things to do during a Gemini moon.

Gemini can be a good sign for ‘’clearing the air” or clearing areas that feel congested and blocked.  If you haven’t been on good terms with a family member or a friend, now can be a good time to make changes here.  Start by using Gemini’s gift of communication, send a message, talk to them or write down what you would like to say as a first step to healing.  Full Moon’s are here to bring to light what must be seen, and tonight’s Full Moon in Gemini will do that. 

Wishing you a Happy Full Moon xoxo