Super Full Moon in Capricorn 4.37 am July 14th

With the moon in Capricorn, the focus shifts to career, long-term plans, reputation, and achievements.  This lunation will have us review how well we balance our need for family and belonging while achieving our goals connected with our professional/work life. 

As the full moon brings to light what we need to see, we can re-evaluate what needs to stay and what needs to go in work and home areas.

Capricorn is the planner of the Zodiac and understands the importance of the hard work, careful planning, and commitment that is required to realize your goals.  The message here is to be patient and to take a step-by-step approach to what you wish to create.  With Saturn in retrograde until Oct 22/23, it may feel like time has stretched, and we have more time to accomplish our goals.

On a lighter note, we must let go of worry as it saps our energy, cloud our thinking, and block out intuitive flow.  It’s important as the moon beings to wane over the next couple of weeks, we take the time to rest and reset.

Wishing you a positive full moon experience.


Love Cassandra 

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