This week we have a powerful Full Moon in Aries. 

 The Moon is in opposition with the Sun and Mars in Libra, making a square with Pluto.  The Moon in the sign of Aries can be fiery and energetic – its all about the self, and its action orientated.  The Sun in the sign Libra in contrast is interested in relationships, negotiating, balance and keeping the peace. 

Moon highlights the Libra/Aries Axis. During a Full Moon the Sun and the Moon are opposite each other so the themes related to the two signs are highlighted. .  

This full moon will illuminate the state of your close relationships and reveal a new side of yourself.  These new insights can deepen your understanding of how well you are balancing the energy need to follow your individual path to achieve your goals and the energy needed to maintain the major relationships in your life. 

 It’s not a question of either or, ideally, we find a balance between the two energies and this is what the Full Moon invites us to do.   We can adopt the Libran traits
of grace, compromise and negotiation in our dealings with others but without
forgoing our authenticity and self-assertiveness. 

The Full Moon can be a time of letting go of what no longer works for us. You may be ready to leave a situation to heal and to move on to a better place.  This could result in weeding relationships from your life and letting go of outdated beliefs fears.  It’s cathartic in the sense that it forces you to look at what’s no longer working for you to do something about it.  Releasing you to pursue more heart centred harmonious relationships.

Happy Full Moon week! 

Cassandra  xx

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