Full Moon in Sagittarius 15°

June 6th, 2020 5.34 am AEST

Today’s Full Moon Eclipse in the sign of Sagittarius is squaring Mars and opposing Venus.
This can bring out tensions in relationships as emotions are running high and intensely experienced. With Mars and Venus making difficult aspects to the Moon and Sun, tension and drama can test even the strongest of relationships.
Eclipses force us to confront our own shadow nature in the dark side of our personal subconscious. With the Lunar Eclipse on the Gemini/Sagittarius axis, we are challenged to question our prejudice or any limited and narrow-minded perceptions, especially if our ideas are based only on our own environment. Due to this limited framework, we can become judgmental about how others live and how things should be done. We are encouraged to be more open to different cultures, philosophies, and belief systems.  By knowing the “whys” behind the different philosophies and beliefs it can bring us closer to understanding and others.  With the Sun and Venus in Gemini, we are encouraged to communicate and relate and find the common denominator of truth, the common thread, so we can find peace.

On a collective level, we are called upon to use our intellect to help others by demonstrating our capacity to see their lives from a broader more understanding viewpoint. When we share those beliefs that enhance people’s levels of trust we can effectively expand their faith in themselves and our institutions.

Communication skills, and staying cool is the best course of action over the next few days during this eclipse phase.  With hot-headed Mars involved in the planetary mix best to avoid inflammatory actions that you may regret later.


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