“Cassandra has been one of the most accurate psychic/tarot readers I’ve experienced.  When looking for a reader I need consistency, accuracy and ability to predict where possible the future outcomes.  I first met her in Hobart, and then have seen her in Melbourne.  I’ve also enjoyed consulting with her on the phone or skype.  In the last year, she has predicted almost to the day, the exact job that would be offered, how long it would last, who would offer it etc.  She’s been able to explain to me the feelings/thoughts and events happening with other people when they’ve not been very communicative.  I highly recommend Cassandra when you really need to understand things that are not being shown to you overtly or need some ‘light’ shed onto a situation.”
Debra, Melbourne

“Cassandra has been a lifeline to me through some very difficult times. Her readings are accurate but it’s the way she delivers them that are empowering and comforting.  You just know you are talking with a high quality person. She brings common sense empathy and clarity to situations. The readings leave you with a feeling of having direction and inner peace.”
Kym, Queensland

“I’ve found Cassandra’s readings to be so incredibly precise with information specific to me. I have such confidence in what she says as I can relate to so much of what she discusses. I love that she requires no information from me yet is spot on with everything going on in my life and has so much to say about what the future holds. It’s always a pleasure getting a reading with all of this in mind.”

Kellie, NT 

“I have enjoyed receiving numerous personal tarot readings from Cassandra for almost 15 years. Cassandra has been my go to psychic when I’ve been at various turning points in my life and needed some unbiased guidance and direction. Cassandra is an exceptional psychic tarot reader.  Her readings are comprehensive and detailed, always willing to focus on specific questions or concerns I have before concluding her readings. Her ability to communicate is easy and natural as she translates what’s going on in a way that is fun and enlightening.  She has a sensitive approach to problems, providing constructive support, with the extraordinary ability to listen and genuinely empathise. I would have to say that Cassandra is the most insightful and accurate tarot reader I have seen in my life.  Not only do her readings give me a clear insight into my life path but they inspire me to continue making the changes I need, to create the life I want. Cassandra has become more than a psychic to me – she is a delightful, warm, understanding friend that I feel very privileged to know. I cannot recommend Cassandra highly enough!” Judy, Hobart