Biz Astrology and Tarot for the Soulpreurer

Hello Lovelies,

I invite you to have a look at my new offering.   Biz Astrology and Tarot consultation for the Soulpreneur.

Ideal for the soul centred woman who has her own business or starting one and is interested in aligning her life purpose, talents and challenges to achieve life and business success.


This reading can help you:

  • Get clarity for your life and business for 2020.
  • Find out the next best steps to take by making the most of the planetary energies available to you over the next 12 months.
  • Set your intentions and goals for the year. With the added knowledge of the astrological influences that impact you personally.
  • Discover your unique qualities and your soul’s purpose and how you to match your business to your soul’s journey to self-fulfilment and growth.
  • Understanding your emotional nature and what you need to feel nurtured and supported.

Your unique natal horoscope can be a key to your celestial branding, by identifying your unique qualities such as your distinctiveness, what drives you emotionally, how others see you and how you can shine in the world.  This can assist you with aligning your celestial brand with your business brand and attract the clients that resonate with who you are.

You also get the added advantage of an intuitive tarot reading to gain more detailed information about the year ahead and your specific questions.

Your astrology & tarot reading consultation will run approximately 90 minutes on zoom.

You will also receive a recording of the session.   The cost is $147.

Schedule your reading by following the link below or contact me if you have any questions.
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”I had my second reading with Cassandra and it will certainly not be the last. After experiencing both tarot and biz astrology readings from Cassandra, I always find myself feeling more confident and clear about my intentions and path ahead. Cassandra’s readings are always clear, concise and accurate. During these calming reading sessions, it provided me with insights and alignment to my purpose and strengths, putting me back on track when I feel lost. I am glad to have found Cassandra through a friend and can safely say that it is a blessing for me to have my reading done by her! If you are looking to have a reading done, or feel nervous because it is your first time, fret not! You are in good hands. Cassandra, you have definitely earned yourself a long-term client! Thank you very much Cassandra!” 

Amanda Chew – Hobart