Meet Cassandra

Cassandra Knight is a professional clairvoyant, astrologer and tarot reader.

During a career spanning over 28 years, she has performed readings for people from all over Australia and the world.

Cassandra uses her natural psychic abilities plus the wisdom of the tarot and the cartouche to tap into your current circumstances and their potential outcomes.

Cassandra's Achievements

  • Astrology columns and feature articles that have appeared in various newspapers and magazines ranging from the Herald Sun to Elle
  • She has presented a regular health horoscope on the TV show WIN TODAY
  • Cassandra was a resident astrologer for Nature and Health magazine and Good Medicine magazine
  • She has performed live readings on Radio
  • In 2011, she was awarded Psychic of the Year (Tasmania)

About Cassandra's Readings

Cassandra’s readings are extremely detailed, exploring the major sectors in your life such as money-relationships-health-career-children-property-luck-and spiritual matters.

Her readings are popular for their practical yet sensitive approach to problems and the constructive support and advice given. She is proficient in many different fields of expertise and can offer clients a combination of services in one reading to give an in-depth holistic analysis.

Most of her clients are repeat and referral.