The Full Moon in 17° degrees Scorpio 8.45 pm AEST

Full Moon in Scorpio can bring up heightened and intense emotions in this deeply passionate sign.
Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio has a way of stirring up energy ready for clearing.

Over the next few days, you may notice a build-up of tensions that you could be experiencing in your home or emotional life. This welling up of emotions will need an outlet.

One of the positives to this full Moon is its transformational power to clear and release a build-up of emotional and psychic energy block. Trust, let go and allow the restorative qualities of this moon to help you to emerge fresh and anew.
Scorpio is useful when intensity is needed, it’s also a very psychic sign. You may feel compelled to back up something you strongly believe. It’s a good time to end connections thoroughly particular psychic ties.
Also a favorable moon for discovery and uncovering things that have been hidden or out of reach.

This moon can be used to manifest your desires, as feelings run strong and intense in this powerful sign. If so you need to be careful of your intent and avoid manipulating situations to get what you want to avoid unintended consequences.


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