A new Moon cycle in Taurus begins on Thursday 23rd at 12.23 pm AEST.

The new Moon is an ideal time to rest and regenerate and think about setting your intentions for the coming month.

By focusing on the activities and particular issues that relate to the sign of the new moon cycle, you find that you are more likely to achieve your goals and move in sync with the natural cosmic flow.

During the next few days, the new Moon is in earthy and well-rooted Taurus. There is no need to stress or hurry and you probably won’t feel the need to change anything unless it involves making your surroundings more comfortable. We tend to resist change when the moon is in this sign especially if it is not of our making.  We are more inclined to seek comfort in simple earthly pleasures such as enjoying an amazing dinner, listen to music or watching the sunset.

With this strong practical Taurus energy, we can become more aware of what really matters in our lives. Especially the kind of things that make us feel comfortable and secure. We may rethink our relationship with money and possessions and seek to be less materialistic and develop a new appreciation for our relationships and the things we have.

With Uranus the planet of change and inventiveness influencing this New Moon we are more open to alternative ways of thinking and living.  This is a favourable time to set long goals to create an abundant but sustainable lifestyle that contributes to humanity.  Or more simply you engage in Taurus Moon activities that bring beauty, art and joy.

I hope the New Moon in Taurus is a safe, comfortable and secure time for you.

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