On 12/12/19,  4.12 pm  AEDT the full moon will be in Gemini. (19°52’).

Full moons can often accentuate our feelings and make us aware of things hidden and this full moon can reveal opportunities that have have gone unnoticed or have been there all along.

Under a Gemini Moon people are more changeable than usual and may prefer to be occupied with thoughts and ideas rather than apply themselves to practical concerns.

This can be an excellent time to prepare for activities, following up on projects you may have started during the new moon two weeks ago.

Great time for writing, blogs and post also tending to all correspondence from email to Christmas cards.

It you find you have a lot of running around over the next few days, Gemini moon can indicate a favourable time to run errands around town or your local area.

Generally, it can be a great time for socializing and catching up with friends and sharing your latest news.

Gemini can be a good sign for ‘’clearing the air” or clearing areas that feel congested and blocked.

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